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Learn about how to deal with common problems such as stress, anger, depression, friendships, and more.


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Eating Disorders

General Emotional Health

Teen Safety



Eating DisordersBack to Top

Eating Disorders

Supporting Young Women with Eating Disorders: A Guide for Family Members & Close Friends

Sports and Menstrual Periods: The Female Athlete Triad



General Emotional HealthBack to Top

Anger Management

Building a Healthy Body Image and Good Self-Esteem: A Guide for Teens with Facial Differences


Coping with Loss

Counseling and Therapy

Dealing with Divorce and Separation

Depression: A Guide for Teens

How to Get Help

Treatment Options

How to Cope

Friendships: A Guide for Teens

Friendships: A Guide for Tween Girls

Why are friendships complicated sometimes?

How can I meet new friends?

How can I hold onto a friendship?

What if my parents don't like my friends?

What if I like my friends but I don't like what they're doing?

Can my best friend be a boy?

How do I choose if I get invited to two parties on the same day?

Healthy Relationships

Making Healthy Sexual Decisions

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Peer Pressure

Self-Esteem & Body Image


Speaking Up for Yourself

Stress and How to Lower It

Test Anxiety



Teen SafetyBack to Top


Safety in Relationships

Safety on the Internet: A Guide for Teens

Safety on the Streets

Suicide Prevention

TeenSafe Project - For Teens, Educators, and Health Professionals






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