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Lower Body: Squat


Muscles Used: Hamstrings (Mid Rear Thigh), Gluteus Maximus (Buttocks), Quadriceps (Front Upper Thigh)

Equipment Needed: None



  1. Stand up straight, with knees slightly bent.
  2. Place feet hip distance apart.
  3. Make sure toes are pointing forward.
  4. Keep shoulders even as you complete this exercise.
  5. Bend elbows and hold both arms in a boxer position.
  6. Maintain proper back alignment—with ears, shoulders and hips in a straight line. (see photo A)
  7. Sit in a squat position by bending your knees and squeezing your quadriceps muscles. Pretend you are sitting in a chair. (see photo B)
  8. Lower your body past the sitting position for a more advanced exercise. (see photo C)
  9. Balance your body weight by pressing your weight through your heels, not your toes.
  10. Be sure to keep your knees over your ankles, not past toes. (see photo B)
  11. Inhale (breathe in) as you squat down.
  12. Exhale (breathe out) as you stand back up, squeezing your hamstrings and gluteus muscles.
  13. Repeat exercise for a set of 8.
Photo A
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Photo C



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