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MRKH Conference

MRKH Conference

Our annual MRKH Conference for Teens and Their Families will be held on Saturday, October 25th, 2014 at Boston Children's Hospital. Register today!

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Youth Advisors

Meet our fabulous youth advisors — four Boston-area students who do a zillion things including: health workshops for teen girls, health info research, and co-writing our Teen Talk newsletter.

Build a Healthy Lunch

Build a
Healthy Lunch

Do you know how to make a power packed lunch? Check out our interactive lunch-builder.

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Featured Guide: High Cholesterol

There are a few things that can lead to high cholesterol: what you eat, how physically active you are, and your genetics. You can't do anything to change your genetics, but you can make positive lifestyle changes that will help to control your cholesterol... read more

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Ask Us!

Do you have a health question that you're embarrassed to ask? Don't worry! We don't ask for your name or email. Submit your question. We'll pick a new one each week! You can also look through our many past questions and answers.

This week's question:
"Iím on birth control pills and my boyfriend and I use condoms. Recently while we were having sex, the condom broke. I forgot to take my Pill that night, could I still get pregnant?"

From the Blog

Healthy Hydration for Hot Weather

Now that the hot summer weather is here (at least for those of us in New England), it’s important to think about drinking plenty of water and other healthy beverages to protect yourself from the heat. It might be hard to believe, but water makes up more than half of our body weight. That means we require a lot of water to keep all of our cells, tissues, and organs healthy! Our bodies naturally lose water every day, especially during the hot summer months... read more

We'd like to take a moment to thank the supporters of the Center for Young Women's Health who make it possible for us to bring the best quality health information to teen girls around the world. Thank you for your compassion, your dedication, and your support!

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