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Information for parents of teens:


Be There for Teens: A Guide for Parents

Birth Control Pills and Teens: A Guide for Parents

Body Mass Index (BMI): A Guide for Parents, Educators, School Nurses, and Health Care Providers

Depression and Teens: A Guide for Parents


Treatment Options

Coping with Depression

How to Get Help for Your Teen

DXA Scans: A Guide for Parents

Emergency Contraception: A Guide for Parents

Endometriosis in Teens: A Guide for Parents and Guardians

Understanding Your Daughter's Diagnosis

Helping Your Daughter Prepare for an Evaluation

Exploring Treatment Options

Living with Endometriosis

Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluating Health Information: A Guide for Parents

Gluten-Free Diet Guide for Parents

Gluten, Celiac Disease, and Teens

Foods Your Teen Should Avoid

Safe Foods for Your Teen

Gluten-Free Product Labeling

Gluten-Free Food Shopping

Gluten-Free Shopping List

Preparing Gluten-Free Food At Home

Eating Gluten-Free Away From Home

Sample Gluten-Free Menu for Your Teen

Gluten-Free Recipes for Teens

HPV Vaccine: A Guide for Parents

Labial Adhesions: A Guide for Parents

Meningococcal Vaccine: A Guide for Parents

MRKH: A Guide for Parents and Guardians

Accepting your Daughter's Diagnosis

Treatment Options

Taking Care of Yourself

Helping your Daughter

Talking with Siblings

Frequently Asked Questions

Nutrition and Teens: A Guide for Parents

Pertussis Vaccine: A Guide for Parents

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in Teens: A Guide for Parents and Guardians

Promoting Healthy Weight Gain In Your Underweight Teen: A Guide for Parents

Resources for Health Care Providers

Safety On The Internet: A Guide for Parents

Internet Basics

Usernames and E-mail

IMing and Chat Rooms


Internet Predators

Social Networking Web Sites

Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe Online

Helpful Resources

Supporting Young Women with Eating Disorders: A Guide for Family Members and Close Friends

Teens and Sexual Health Myths

Weight Loss Camps: A Guide for Parents


Information for parents of tweens:


Talking to Your Tween about Sexuality: A Guide for Parents

What Your Tween Needs to Know

How to Talk to Your Tween

Helpful Resources




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