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Privacy Policy


The Center for Young Women’s Health takes your online privacy very seriously. When you visit, and click around the site, your privacy and anonymity are preserved. When you use one of our online forms to contact us, we do request some personal information from you, however, we will never share details of your personal information with another party, or use it beyond its original purpose as outlined below.


Our Online Forms has forms for:

On these forms, we request that you submit personal information, such as: your name, your city & state, your date of birth, and for chats, medical information. Ways that we may use this information are, for example: to verify that our chat participants qualify for specific chats, to send email reminders to chat participants, to make sure that people who are on our mailing list are 13 years or older, or to insure that we have appropriate contact information from individuals or institutions who complete our online permissions request form. Below are more detailed descriptions of the kinds of information we may request from you, and how we use that information.


Contacting Us

Our readers can contact us by phone, mail, or with our online contact form to provide us with feedback about the web site. When possible, the staff of the Center for Young Women's Health responds to these questions, and, once the correspondence is complete, we delete or archive the exchange, to preserve our readers' privacy. We do, however, save these questions and answers, to use them in aggregate articles, such as "Frequently Asked Questions" pages, where we provide answers to our readers’ commonly asked questions.


Our web and email servers have typical privacy safeguards to insure that your online forms and emails will not be viewed inappropriately. However, these servers, like most, are not 100% secure. If you wish to avoid even a remote chance of a breach of your online privacy, please do not send us correspondence via online form, or by email.


Mailing List Members

Our readers who are age 13 or older can join one or more of our email mailing lists. We use our mailing lists to:

We do not use our mailing lists for any other purpose, nor do we share the lists with any other party. Email list members who wish to be removed may contact us by email and will be promptly removed, and their addresses will not be stored.


Our Online Health Chats

The Center for Young Women’s Health sponsors monthly health chats for teens and young women who have specific medical conditions, such as endometriosis, PCOS, and MRKH. The chats are moderated by medical health professionals with expertise in those conditions. Chat participants must first register by filling out an online form providing us with their name, age, gender, and medical condition. We collect this information to verify that an individual is eligible to participate in a particular chat. Individuals who are ineligible will not be allowed to join the chat. Eligible chatters who violate the rules of the chat room will be required to leave the chat room immediately.


Our Quizzes offers many quizzes to our readers, on a range of topics, including nutrition, fitness, and safety. When you take a quiz, your privacy is insured. The answers you provide in the quizzes are used only to determine the outcome of the quiz, and are not saved or used in any other way.


Our Surveys

From time to time the Center for Young Women’s Health offers online surveys on The purpose of the surveys is to gather information about how our readers use the site, and what kind of improvements they would like to see. We do not share your survey information with any other party, nor do we use it for any other purpose than to improve our web site and web services.


Permission Requests

Visitors to our site interested in using our online materials may contact us and request permission to do so. In the online permission request form you will be asked to provide specific information about your organization, your audience, and how you plan to use the materials. We collect this information to determine if we can grant you permission to use our materials. We do not share your information with any other party.


Children’s Online Safety

Teens and adults of all ages are welcome to read the materials posted here at We do not, however, allow children under the age of 13 to join our mailing lists, register for online health chats, or participate in online surveys.


Links to Other Sites contains links to external web sites not administered by the Center for Young Women’s Health. We encourage you to check the privacy policies of those web sites, to insure that your privacy is being safeguarded when you visit those sites.


IP Addresses

An IP address is an ID number generated for your computer when you go online. The Center for Young Women’s Health web site coordinators keeps track of the IP addresses of visitors to our site. We use these addresses to learn about our readership, and to learn which of our web articles are most viewed, for how long, and in which countries. We do not share this information with any other party. We also do not associate your IP address with other information that you may provide to us in one of our online forms or quizzes. We will, however, provide IP address information that may personally identify you when required to do so by law.


Browser Cookies

A cookie is a file that gets stored on your computer when you visit certain web sites, so that those web sites can quickly retrieve your stored information when you visit them again. Cookies are used, for example, in online shopping carts, or for logging in to a private site. does not use cookies, and does not track your movement through our site.


Third Parties

The Center for Young Women’s Health does not share any of your personal information with third parties except as anonymous aggregate information to illustrate site usage to prospective donors, grantors, and journalists.


Terms of Use

Please read our Terms of Use to learn how you may and may not use the information and services provided at


Privacy Policy Updates

We will promptly post any changes to our privacy policy.


Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us via mail at:


The Center for Young Women’s Health

333 Longwood Avenue, 5th Floor

Boston, MA 02115



Or via e-mail at:


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